Gigglefix is the brainchild (yeah right!) of two British loons, Chris Jolly (no kidding, that really IS his name) and Matthew Ogden (who generally answers to the nickname Mattski, it’s a loooooong story). We’re two ex-pat Brits driven bonkers by years of living in the settled peace and happiness of a Scandiwegian utopia (seriously though, it really IS as lovely as you’ve heard).


When the universe slipped into an entirely alternate dimension with the election of “The Donald” in 2016, the entire community of satirists around the world threw up their arms in despair, and deciding to give up their day jobs, uttered the words “that’s it, we can’t do any better than reality”.


Jolly and Mattski however saw this as a challenge.


With constipated Orange lunatics with personal access to nuclear launch codes rage Tweeting on the bog at 4 a.m. they felt the world was in need of vastly more laughter and optimism, not less.


It’s a truism that laughter makes the world a better place, indeed it wasn’t Tom Nansbury (who???) that coined the phrase, “An optimist laughs to forget; a pessimist forgets to laugh”.

A minion, possibly Tom Nansbury, we dunno...
Tom Nansbury, honest, our Google search said so!


In today’s world, this has never been truer. Hence Gigglefix. A place to share laughter, fun and sense of optimism.

Gigglefix – saving the world one giggle at a time…


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